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Our Calgary’s Cultural Ambassadors
Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign 2013

Jacque Fresco

Jacque Fresco was born in 1916 and he has lived a very accomplished life as a well-respected author, behavioral scientist, artist, inventor, futurist, industrial designer, and even an actor. While Fresco is most well known for his culmination of writings and lectures, which captivate new ideas he is also responsible for designing a variety of different medical devices, safety devices and homes. As a behavioral scientist, Jacque Fresco believes that the population should learn how to protect nature rather than conquering and destroying it. Realizing the impact civilization has made nature, Fresco offers a new way at looking at the world and social consequences to encourage a happier and healthier environment. In this Jacque Fresco Bio, the multi-disciplinarian’s works over the last 90 years will be reviewed. After dedicating his life to devising inventions for the betterment of humankind, Fresco has also founded an organization referred to as the Venus Project with a global vision of hope.

Jacque Fresco is often referred to as the modern-day Da Vinci. Like Da Vinci, Fresco has a passion for uncovering truths that are not yet known by the existing population. While the truths Fresco aims to uncover are far more advanced than the truths in the 16th century many believe Fresco’s passion for the future, science, and technology token him as a fine example of Da Vinci himself. Some of these passions are written in Frescos many books including: The Best That Money Can’t Buy, Beyond Politics, Poverty & War, The Venus Project: The Redesign of a Culture, Structural Systems and Systems of a Structure, and Looking Forward. In addition to these works, Fresco also appeared on Engineering the Impossible on a number of different occasions as an expert on subject matter. While there is no denying the fact that Jacque Fresco is an accomplished man doing more in 90 years than many could do in 900, he is most well known for founding the organization referred to as the Venus Project. The Venus Project, named after Venus, Florida where he resides, was established by Fresco and technical illustrator and model maker Roxanne Meadows in 1975. The entire purpose of the project is to envision the future and improving the social aspects of society by redesigning sustainable cities. The organization conducts its research on a 21-acre plot in Venus where the actual architecture of the project is showcased.

As a futurist, Fresco has been focusing on the fact that poverty, crime, corruption, politics and war have all had a negative impact on society as whole and progression. Fresco believes that progression of technology and sustaining cities and civilization involves changing the economic system and a money-based economy. Fresco believes profitability and greed are what have continuously affected the nation since the Industrial Revolution. This profit seeking has caused detrimental affects to the environment and an unnecessary waste of resource. By shifting the nation’s focus to a resource-based economy, Fresco believes all of humanity will benefit.

A Resource-Based Economy also referred to, as RBE in Fresco’s studies, will eliminate the need for currency all together. Fresco argues that currency that is primarily fueled by corporate greed and not scarcity of natural resources. If resources became freely available based on the carrying capacity of earth’s resources, everyone would benefit socially. The way the resources are used is also extremely important to the Venus Project. Researchers believe a stronger focus on science and technology rather than economic gain will allow society to be more efficient and less damaging to the environment. It is important to sustain not only city life but the environment as a whole.

There is no denying the fact that the Jacque Fresco Bio is quite extensive already and by all accounts, he’s not done yet. While he is respected for a number of different studies and inventions, his greatest accomplishment involves the creation of the Venus Project organization. Operating for more than 30 years the Venus Project has taken steps to finding solutions for difficult and harmful social and environmental problems. With Fresco’s solutions, it could be said that poverty, crime, corruption, debt, pollution, and many other issues could be resolved. By redesigning our culture and reinventing technology, the planet can sustain life for years well beyond Fresco’s lifetime.

Bernard Florence

Calgary Jewellery was founded in 1955 by Les and Dora Florence who established the founding values of service, quality and value. Bernard Florence has carried on those traditions for the past 36 years and has expanded the business to become the jewellery boutique it is today – offering its loyal clientele unique brands of watches, jewellery and crystal which are sourced from all over the world. Additionally, Florence’s architectural background is instrumental to creating his own jewellery line – ‘Designs by Bernard’; as well as designing one of a kind pieces whether it be a diamond engagement or dinner ring, bracelet, pendant or brooch.

Bernard is very proud of his team who are extremely knowledgeable and service driven; as well as his global partners – many of which Bernard has worked with for more than 30 years. Calgary Jewellery’s goal is to deliver the best possible experience for each and every one of its clients.

Bernard holds a number of degrees including Certified Graduate Jeweller from the American Gem Society; Gemological Institute of America Diamond and Color Stone Essentials; and is a graduate of Canadian Jewellers.

Giving back to the community that supports Calgary Jewellery is equally important. Bernard, along with his fiancé Carol Burch and their son Jonathan are proud to be involved with and support Calgary’s arts and culture.

James McIntyre

McIntyre Bills Corporation, with James McIntyre as its president and Ronald Bills as its creative director, is a thriving Interior Design firm that was created in 1993. To date, the corporation’s focus has been in the Calgary area. Other projects are also located in Montréal, Kelowna, Vancouver, Victoria, Portland, Scottsdale, Palm Springs and San Francisco. McIntyre Bills exercises a team approach, adhering to solid design principles and following them through to completion. The scope of its involvement on any given project can range from architectural concept and design, to the finest details of décor, such as furnishings, lighting and accessories.

Frequent exposure is given by both television and print media to the work of McIntyre Bills. The firm had been regularly featured on the national and internationally syndicated House and Home Television with Lynda Reeves. It had contributed two to three projects per season for the show’s annual tour across Canada. The segments on this television program as well as the many featured articles in such magazines as Canadian House and Home, Western Living and Style at Home contribute greatly to the promotion of Alberta Interior Design within Canada and around the world. In 2009, a home in Victoria BC was featured on HGTV’s Top Ten which is syndicated in Canada and the US. The latest edition of the Spectacular Homes coffee table book series features a home by McIntyre Bills. James was also welcomed as a featured speaker at the 2005 Interior Design Show in Toronto.

James McIntyre devotes time and energy to several community and charitable organisations. He has been a Member of the Board of Directors for the annual Fundraiser Gala for the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as serving on the board for the Alberta Ballet House and Garden Tour. [McIntyre Bills has also had a number of homes featured on the tour.] He is also on the board of directors for the annual Bill Brooks Prostate Cancer Benefit as well as an annual participant in the Banff Centre for the Performing Arts fundraiser. Previous work includes donating design time to the development of the renovation of the Grand Theatre for local company Theatre Junction. As an avid art lover and supporter of the arts, James McIntyre [as executive director] with partner Christine Klassen, six years ago opened the Christine Klassen Gallery which features Canadian and international artists.

To learn more about the McIntyre Bills team, please visit the website at

Michael Noble

Michael Noble is one of the most successful and well known chefs in Canada. He’s chef proprietor of NOtaBLE ~ The Restaurant in Calgary, Alberta which opened in August of 2010 and where he gets to share his love of great simple food with all of his guests and staff.

Michael was born in October of 1961 in Calgary and went on to live for over 30 years in the Greater Vancouver area. Upon completion of high school Michael was sure that he didn’t want to continue on his schooling in academic areas so he chose instead to take a one-year culinary course at Pacific Vocational Institute. He went from there to his apprenticeship at the Hotel Vancouver then has spent the past thirty years honing his craft in many hotels, restaurants and even as Director of Culinary for Earls Restaurants Ltd. Michael returned to Calgary in 2001 to open Catch Restaurant (Enroute Magazine’s best new Canadian restaurant 2002) and has lived in Calgary ever since, and is where he resides to this day.

During his career Michael has had the honour of representing Canada three times in international culinary competitions including the Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, France in both 1995 and 1997 as well as the World Culinary Olympics in 1996 in Berlin, Germany. In 1999 Chef Noble became the only Canadian ever to appear on the famous Japanese “Iron Chef” television program where 25 million viewers witnessed his “Battle Potato” against chef Masaharu Morimoto. Additionally Michael was honoured in 1999 as Canada’s Chef of the Year and in 2011 by his induction into the CCFCC Honours Society of Chefs.

NOtaBLE truly is Chef Noble’s life work, he is ecstatic to own and operate his restaurant in the Northwest community of Montgomery sharing his vast knowledge and experience in his most valued role as mentor, just as he has for many years previously while positively influencing the careers of many young culinarians. He also places a huge emphasis on NOtaBLE being very much part of the fabric of the community, giving his time and resources to many charitable causes such as Ronald McDonald House and the Global Enrichment foundation, he is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Montgomery BRZ.

Paul Van Ginkel

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in 1960, Paul moved with his family to Calgary in 1973. In search of change and new stimulation he then moved toVancouver, B.C. in 1996, however, returned to Calgary in 2001. Prior to earning a Master of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University in New York, Paul was educated at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary. After working as a commercial illustrator for 6 years, he’s been a fine art painter since 1990, specializing in Western and Dance themes. Part of Paul’s growth as an artist has come from extended painting trips to major art centres includingNew York, Italy, Australia, Mexico and Santa Fe. He also continues to travel the globe in search of new artistic stimulation while expanding his vast archive of photographic reference material (a recent trip to Seville and Madrid to research Flamenco culture and an upcoming trip to Africa). Paul has received many awards and distinctions for his work including being selected by Fresco Fine Art Publishers (Albuquerque, New Mexico) as one of the top western artists working today (a hard cover book was published titled “Western Traditions – Contemporary Artists of the American West”). Some of his recent commissions include the official image for Canada’s 2009 entry at the world’s most prestigious international culinary competition The Bocuse d’Or and the 2007 Calgary Stampede poster (he was the first artist chosen to create a fine art painting for the poster). Paul continues to be active in charity initiates including partnering with Calgary oil company Painted Pony Petroleum to create a charity calendar (featuring Paul’s paintings). Through donations from the 2012 and 2013 calendars, over $200,000 has been raised for the charity organization HOPEthiopia. Partially to celebrate 30 years as a professional artist, Paul opened his own gallery in Inglewood. “I’m committed to a life of creating images. My primary goal is to master the art of painting and to develop increasingly the ability to convey my passion for the subjects I explore. These paintings will document my diverse experiences and explorations in life. My style or technique will continue to evolve as I strive to express how I feel about the subject I’m focused on. I feel each painting is a very personal expression similar to a piece of music, passionate dance or creative prose. For me, the symbolic ritual of signing the painting represents the completion of the painting, however, also the beginning of its long journey through an unknown future.”

Wendy Bélanger

Passion, ambition and the drive to succeed, make Wendy Bélanger one of the most sought after stylists in the industry. She has a focused artistic mindset that translates into everything she pursues.

This Award Mirror awar finalist and Contessa award winner has been hand selected as Pureology’s International Artistic Director. This position gives her opportunity to mentor, salon professionals, create upcoming trends as well as work alongside some of the industries finest. She is also one of the facilitators at the Award winning Redken Exchange in New York City. When not traveling internationally you can find Wendy servicing her own exclusive clientele or inspiring and training her team at her studio Influence Salon in Calgary Canada. She and her work have been featured on television and several commercial and trade magazines. Her career has found her a winner at the Canadian Hairdresser Awards, at events such as fashion week; styling stars for the Oscar Awards as well as the Emmy Awards. Wendy takes her role of mentoring and inspiring very seriously. “There is nothing more rewarding than being able to share something I love with like-minded people.” This gift of being able to step out of the box has earned her professional respect and allowed her to follow her own dreams and share her vision in this industry. “I believe that the only thing standing between us and our dreams is our own limitations. Be prepared to be inspired.

Jean Grand-Maître

One of the most successful Canadian choreographers of his generation, Jean Grand-Maître assumed the artistic leadership of Alberta Ballet in 2002. Born in Hull, Quebec, he began his dance training at York University in Toronto and continued at Montreal’s L’École Supérieure de Danse du Québec. He later danced with Ballet British Columbia and Theatre Ballet of Canada. After working internationally for 14 years as an independent choreographer and director, he created and staged new works for many of the world’s most prestigious ballet companies, theatre festivals, circus performers, opera companies, stage musicals, television specials and for film. He has been commissioned by renowned ballet companies such as the Opéra National de Paris, the Teatro alla Scala, the Stuttgart Ballet, the National Norwegian Ballet, the Bavarian State National Ballet, the National Ballet of Canada, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, Ballet British Columbia, the National Ballet of Cuba, Ballet Jörgen and the Hartford Ballet. He has staged and choreographed large scale events and he collaborated with numerous renowned theatre directors such as Michel Lemieux for the street parade celebrating Montreal’s 350th anniversary. He was Director of Choreography for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Alberta Ballet, under Grand-Maitre’s directorship, has enjoyed considerable success both artistically and financially. He has managed to build the company’s national and international profile while maintaining a strong financial position and securing some of the highest surpluses in the company’s history. He has acquired or remounted works by such renowned choreographers as George Balanchine, Agnes de Mille, Rudy Van Dantzig, Dominique Dumais, Christopher Wheeldon, Ali Pourfarrokh, and Mikko Nissinen. He has commissioned new ballets by established and emerging choreographers from Canada and elsewhere such as Yukichi Hattori, Reid Bartelme, Sabrina Matthews, Emily Molnar, Edmund Stripe, Lorraine Chapman, Margie Gillis, Magdalena Popa, Reginald Amatto and Kirk Peterson. No fewer than 28 one act ballets, as well as 12 full length works have received their premiere with Alberta Ballet during his first 10 years as Artistic Director. He has also revived 19 one act ballets and seven full length ballets from the company’s repertoire. Mr. Grand-Maître has taken the company on many highly successful national and international tours and festivals to China, Egypt, Russia, Thailand, the United States and across Canada. During his tenure with Alberta Ballet, he has set or choreographed numerous ballets of his own. All have received considerable public and critical acclaim such as Celestial Themes (2002), The Winter Room (2002), Carmen (2003), Cinderella (2004), Dangerous Liaisons (2004), Vigil of Angels (2005), Romeo and Juliet (2005), Joni Mitchell’s The Fiddle and The Drum – co-created with Joni Mitchell (2007), Mozart’s Requiem (2008), Bolero (2009) Love Lies Bleeding (2010) – created with the participation of Sir Elton John, and Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (2011) – created with the participation of Sarah McLachlan.

Ron Burke

Ron Burke was born and raised in Calgary, with a 3year sojourn to Holland in the late 8o’s. Ron has been a fixture in the Calgary arts scene, playing guitar professionally from the ripe age of 16 and fronting well known bands such as “The Legendary Few” and “The Quitters” prior to forming ALittle Voodoo in 1992; a band that still plays regularly. Ron was inducted into the Calgary Blues Hall of Fame in 2010. In the late 90′s after receiving a plumbers torch in trade for some labour, Ron began experimenting with silver and gold smithing and has become a renowned jeweler and designer. Ron designed and renovated an old art moderne building in Inglewood that would eventually become his gallery and living space. These days– when not designing jewelry, homes, or playing guitar and belting out the tunes; Ron is a busy husband and father of two young boys, ages 5 and 6.

Michael Batke

Michael Batke, has a strong connection to the city by the Bow. He began his career at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC, then moved across the Rockies to the Chateau Fairmont Lake Louise, where he completed his under Dominique Guyot. Michael spent three years exploring other cuisines in southeastern BC, but found his passion belonged in hotels. In 1998, he moved to Calgary, joining the team at the Delta Bow Valley’s top-rated Conservatory Restaurant.
Michael worked as sous-chef at the Coast Plaza Hotel until he had the opportunity to work at the 4-Diamond-rated Owl’s Nest in the Calgary Westin Hotel. For the next few years, Chef Michael roamed the west, from Fort McMurray to San Francisco, where he found a place as sous-chef at the St. Regis Hotel. California cuisine proved to be a seductive siren. Michael learned about Japanese ingredients and techniques from master sashimi chef Masaki Sasaki, and was fortunate to work a “stage” with Hiro Sone, former executive sous-chef to California uber-chef Wolfgang Puck, and current co-owner of Terra in the Napa valley. Michael is proud of the opportunity he had to work with chef Marcos Samuelson, and has had the rare chance to cook for American celebrities and politicians. Now back in Calgary, Michael says it is great to be home.


On March 1st, 2013 Don & Joanne celebrated their 20th Anniversary! While they did their radio show, life happened around them. They watched a little girl grow into a magnificent young woman! Don’s daughter, who was three when the show started, has earned a degree in Political Science at the University of Victoria & is now in her first year of law at the U of C. They’ve also celebrated many births and sadly several deaths including Joanne’s Dad Curt & Brother Clare, who both passed away from cancer. They’ve raised lots of money for charities, most notably the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta. The Don & Joanne Golf A Kid To Camp tournament has raised almost 2.5 million dollars to send kids with Cancer to Camp Kindle. Over the years, they’ve had their share of awards. There have been two CAB Gold Ribbon Awards, which is the equivalent of an Academy Award for a Canadian broadcaster. In 2004, they received the Generosity of Spirit Award from the Calgary Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals for shaving their heads for Kids Cancer Care. Don & Joanne and their wonderful producer Natasha are still on the radio weekdays 5:30 to 9 on XL 103 and still having fun.

Ann Lewis Luppino

Ann Lewis-Luppino is a passionate lover of the arts and a strategic businesswoman with over 30 years of experience in the for- and not-for-profit sector. In 2006 she was appointed President and CEO of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, a diverse and respected member of Canada’s most valued arts organizations. In this role she is dedicated to fiscal sustainability while supporting artistic excellence and building strong networks and partnerships with stakeholders. During her 3-year tenure as President, the CPO has posted 3 consecutive balanced budgets and has enjoyed steady audience growth. Ms. Lewis-Luppino began her career in the field of Education and has received her certificate of adult education as well as diplomas in leadership, negotiations, consulting, sales, coaching, customer service, interpersonal communications and team building. She has been nominated for the Rozsa Award for Excellence in Arts Management for three consecutive years and in June 2004 she attended the Premier’s Roundtable Discussions in Beijing, China, speaking with business professionals and representatives from the Canadian Embassy. Prior to joining the CPO, Ms. Lewis-Luppino was Executive Director of the esteemed Alberta Ballet from 2002-2005. During her tenure, she spearheaded strategic planning and fund development and ultimately, steered the company from a position of deficit to surplus. From 1997-2001 she was Director of Operational Leadership with CentrePoint Non-Profit Management (formerly The Calgary Centre for Non-Profit Management). She was a driving force in developing this company, a one-of-a-kind, $2.0 million not-for-profit consulting business, and she personally managed more than 400 consulting contracts. She has been a member of various steering committees and focus groups including the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Sector, The Kahanoff Foundation Fund and Resource Development Steering Committee, and Mount Royal College’s not-for-profit diploma program. She has been a Board member of the Springboard Society for Disabilities, Alberta Ballet, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and Orchestra Canada.

Tara Nelson

Open minded and curious – CTV Calgary Anchor Tara Nelson credits those qualities with propelling her into journalism.
Originally from Sherwood Park, Tara finds herself based back in Alberta after many years spent exploring the world. From Terrace to Red Deer – Edmonton to Victoria, Tara spent the first decade of her career reporting and anchoring at local tv stations. A move to Vancouver also brought a move to national news. Tara worked as the BC correspondent and weekend anchor for Global National for seven years before becoming the network’s first Europe Bureau Chief, based in London, UK. Then the real adventure began – breaking news stories all over Europe, the World Cup in South Africa and the war in Afghanistan. In a little over two years, Tara’s work took her to 15 countries, plus she has visited at least 15 more for fun, as travel is her personal passion.
In 2010, Tara joined CTV as the 6pm anchor, where she is thrilled to co-produce and host Calgary’s most watched newscast.
Tara is proud to volunteer with Discovery House, Habitat for Humanity and Ronald McDonald House.

Darrel Janz

Darrel Janz was born on a farm in Saskatchewan. Graduated from Saskatchewan teachers college, Regina, in 1961 and right after, he taught in elementary school for one year at Craven, Sask. He entered broadcasting in July1, 1962 in Altona, Manitoba and worked in Moose Jaw, Regina, Saskatoon, Montreal and London, Ontario, before coming to Calgary.
Between 1973-2010, he anchored the CTV Calgary 6:00 p.m. News; now he is an anchor Weekends News and do a weekly feature entitled: “Inspired”. Darrel’s Career highlights include: covering the October crisis of 1970 in Montreal/ covering The International Olympic Committee in Germany, in 1981, when Calgary won the bid to host the 1988 Winter Olympics/ covering The Los Angeles Summer Olympics in 1984/ covering our own Olympics in 1988/ covering operation Christmas Child Shoebox Distribution in Bosnia and Croatia in December, 1995/ covering the NATO takeover of Bosnia in December 20, 1995. He taught broadcast journalism at SAIT from 1975 to 1986 and at Mount Royal College between years of 1988-2003.
Some of his awards include: Radio Television News Directors Association (RTNDA) of Canada Lifetime Achievement Award/ Honorary Bachelor of Communications/Journalism Degree from Mount Royal College/ Honorary Bachelor of Applied Technology Degree from SAIT/ Volunteer Calgary’s Heart of Calgary Awards/ Native Calgarian Society Distinguished Calgarian Award.

Krzysztof Jablonski

Krzysztof Jablonski is Laureate of the F. Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw in1985 as well as numerous top prizes at international piano competitions in Milan, Palm Beach,Monza, Dublin, New York, Calgary as well as Gold Medal at the A. Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition in Tel Aviv. For almost 30 years Jablonski is active performing solo, chamber music as well as with orchestras on stages in Europe, Americas, Asia and Israel in prestigious concert halls, including appearances on the Master Concert Series at Berliner Philharmonie. Frequent guest of many orchestras, performed under baton of V. Gergiev, A. Boreyko, K. Penderecki, J. Semkow, J.Maksymiuk, F. Brueggen, W. Bothe, Y. Tezuka, T. Shimono, A. Wit, J. Krenz and with prominent ensembles such as Orchestra of the 18th Century, Berner Symphonie-Orchester,Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart des SWR, Duesseldorfer Symphoniker, HamburgerSymphoniker, Jenaer Philharmonie, Festival Orchestra of the Grand Teton Music Festival,Helsinki Philharmonic, Lahti Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Kyushu Symphony Orchestra, Kirishima Festival Orchestra, National Philharmonic Orchestra in Warsaw, National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice. As chamber music recitalist he recently performed with Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi, Arto Noras, Konstanty Andrzej Kulka, Teng Li – to name just a few. He is a member of “Warsaw Piano Quintet” which was first founded by W. Szpilmanin 1962. Jablonski’s rather romantic nature was shaping his music taste and interests over years. Besidemost popular works Jablonski has in his repertoire, he also plays some less known compositions such as Concertos by F. Riess, H. Litolff, E. Dohnanyi. He was invited to perform for ballet, opera and theatre spectacles as well as for spectacular, multi discipline projects with multimedia presentations and lights such as Scriabin’s “Promethee” with Duesseldorfer Symphoniker, Ballet“Fortepianissimo” choreographed by Lorca Massine at the National Opera in Warsaw, original piano version of the Debussy’s Pelleas et Melisande. He was invited to perform during opening ofthe Wiener Opernball in Vienna together with the Vienna State Opera Ballet choreographed by Giorgio Madia. Jablonski also performed for crowd of thousands with Grant Park Orchestra and K. Urbanski at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park in Chicago. In February of 2013, Jablonski performed Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto with Maestro Valery Gergiev and Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra during fundraising event “Clean Baltic SeaConcert” in Helsinki. This performance was streamed live over Internet as well as recorded by Finnish Radio and TV. He has made live recordings for radio and television in many countries as well as numerous CD’s in Germany, Japan, and Poland. Studied with Janina Butor and Prof. Andrzej Jasinski. Worked during master classes with R. Kerer and N. Magaloff. Graduated with honors in 1987 from the Academy of Music in Katowice, where he earned his Ph.D. in 1996. He is a Professor of  The F.Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. In addition to academic responsibilities, he presentsmaster classes, lectures and is a jury member at international piano competitions.

Sara Staples

Sara Staples, a born and raised Calgarian, has been singing and performing ever since she discovered the stage. She fell in love with classical music at a young age, while singing for many years in a Calgary children’s choir. She continued on to take private voice lessons and began to discover her love of art song and opera. She went on to achieve a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of North Texas and a Master of Music in Vocal Arts from the University of Southern California. While pursuing her studies, Sara performed the operatic roles of Nancy in Benjamin Britten’s Albert Herring (USC Thornton Opera), Hermia in Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (U. of North Texas Opera) and Hora in Cavalli’s Egisto (U. of North Texas Opera). Ms. Staples has also portrayed roles in numerous scenes from the operas L’incoronazione di Poppea, Candide, I Capuletti e i Montecchi, Don Giovanni, La Calisto and Così fan tutte. Equally at home on the concert stage, Sara was featured as the Mezzo-Soprano soloist in Mozart’s Requiem with Symphony of the Vines in California as well as in concert works with the Horizon Music Group in Los Angeles and with the South Dakota Chorale. In 2009, Ms. Staples was a soloist at the Taipei International Choral Festival as well as the Boston Early Music Festival. Also an active recitalist, Ms. Staples has performed across Canada, The United States and Italy. Some notable credits include the Casalmaggiore International Chamber Music Festival, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Polish Music Center at USC. Since returning back to Alberta, she has performed the roles of The Foreign Princess in Dvořák’s Rusalka (Opera NUOVA), and Doris Whithers in Mr. Moreover’s Magic (Opera NUOVA) for the 2011 fall School Tour in Edmonton. In Calgary she has portrayed La Suora Zelatrice in Suor Angelica (Calgary Concert Opera), Hansel in Hansel and Gretel (Cowtown Opera), Mercédès in Carmen (Calgary Concert Opera) as well as a number of other local concerts and performances. Sara also teaches voice lessons in Calgary, and hopes that students of all ages will share the joy in music that has been such an essential part of her life.

Heather Klimchuk

Heather grew up in Calgary always exposed to many arts and cultural activities. Her family was always policitally active and as a girl she was very involved in provincial and federal politics especially the campaign of Joe Clarke. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Her career began as a researcher for the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. Following this she worked as a writer for Premier Peter Lougheed and later Premier Don Getty. Heather then assisted with the setup and initiation of the Alberta Seniors Information Phone Line. Heather then left the public service to raise her two children Kyrsten and Keifer. She taught her children to have an appreciation of the importance of the arts and both are accomplished dancers. During this time Heather was the Director of St. Basil’s School of Ukrainian Dance and also the Communications Director for Kupalo Ukrainian Dance School. Heather has also been very active in her community doing planning and development for the Glenora Community League as well as the Glenora School Council Chair and volunteer coordinator. On March 3, 2008 Heather was elected to her first term as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and was appointed as Minister of Service Alberta. In this capacity she focused on consumer protection while also working to find efficiencies in internal government wide systems. On October 12, 2011 Heather was appointed as Minister of Culture and Community Services. Following her re-election on April 23, 2012, Heather was re-appointed as Minister of Culture. As Minister of Culture, Heather is thrilled to be able to put together her two great passions of politics and culture. She works to champion the importance of culture to Albertans everyday lives and to ensure the accessibility of all Albertans to cultural activities.

Kelly Hrudey

Analyst | CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada Kelly Hrudey returns for his 14th season as an analyst with CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada. The Gemini Award-winning analyst moves from the studio to the broadcast booth this year as he joins play-by-play announcer Rick Ball for the Saturday night Prime West game each week. Hrudey also joins host Scott Oake for the post-game show, After Hours. A popular and knowledgeable hockey commentator, Hrudey became a full-time hockey analyst with CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada during the 1998-99 NHL season, after providing stellar commentary during the previous four playoff seasons with host MacLean. In 2007, Hrudey was recognized for his work on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada with his first Gemini Award in the Best Studio Analyst category. In February 2006, Hrudey worked as an analyst for CBC’s broadcast of TORINO 2006 – THE OLYMPIC GAMES, marking his second Olympic broadcast experience. Hrudey strapped on the pads with the Calgary Flames in the Fall of 2001 for Basic Training – a feature on the Flames training camp that aired as part of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada pre-game show during the first five weeks of the regular season. It provided fans with a rare glimpse of what players, rookies and veterans alike experience en route to hopefully making an NHL squad. During his 15-year NHL career as a goalie with the New York Islanders, Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks, the former Medicine Hat Tiger compiled a record of 271-265-88, with a goals against average of 3.43 and 16 shutouts. Hrudey resides in Calgary with his wife and three daughters.

Jeff de Boer

Jeff de Boer was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in 1963, the fourth child of Dutch immigrants Andy and Maria de Boer. Being that his father was a professional tin smith, Jeff grew up exposed to the endless possibilities of metal. From the age of five, he knew that he wanted to be an artist. He spent his growing years painting and drawing, but just as importantly, he made objects. During his last years of high school, he started to take a serious interest in metal work and during this time built his first suit of armour. After graduating, he spent the next few years independently developing his craft, as well as learning techniques from a blacksmith. In 1984, he enrolled at the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD), where he majored in jewellery design. In the fall of 1986, while a student at ACAD, he combined his new skills in jewellery construction with his knowledge of armour-making to produce the world’s first and only suit of armour for a mouse. Jeff graduated from ACAD in 1988, and by the fall of 1989, managed to establish himself as a professional artist. From his parents’ garage, he worked continuously on his art, developing four distinct bodies of work: armour for cats and mice, armour for executives, exoforms, and space objects including rocket lamps. In the fall of 1994, Jeff opened “Articulation”, a solo exhibition of some 140 works, showcasing his efforts over a period of eight years. The exhibition opened at the Muttart Gallery in Calgary, accompanied by a fantastic full-colour book about the work which was also entitled Articulation. This exhibition then went on to travel around western Canada for two years, finishing as a blockbuster show at the Canadian Craft Museum in Vancouver in the fall of 1996. Since that time, Jeff has continued to work and grow, developing new and fantastic ideas. He has also gone back to ACAD, this time as an instructor teaching a Jewellery Design and Presentation class. He currently has a wonderful studio in south-east Calgary, where he now works with his wife Debbie.

Sandra Jansen

Sandra grew up and went to school in North West Calgary. She spent grades seven through nine at Montgomery Junior High and went to high school at William Aberhart. Sandra then went on to earn her Broadcasting Diploma at SAIT and the University of Calgary before travelling to McGill University to complete a degree in French.

Politics has always been a driving force for Sandra, from her first political experience in 1985 when she worked as an assistant press liason for Ron Ghitter in his bid for the leadership of the PC Party to her years hosting political panels and elections. After taking part in an exciting PC leadership campaign as part of the Alison Redford team, Sandra joined the Premier’s team as Southern Alberta communications manager.

Prior to that Sandra spent 23 years working as a journalist, including 10 years as a national news anchor at CTV News Channel in Toronto before coming home to Calgary to complete her Master of Arts in Professional Communications at Royal Roads University.

Sandra has volunteered in a media communications consultant role at the United Way, as a board member at the Calgary Girls School, as an M.C. for various charitable organizations and as a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House in Southern Alberta.

In addition, Sandra is an acrylic artist who has donated over 65 paintings in the past 4 years to the United Way, Calgary Health Trust, CLERC and Safe Haven.

Mandy Stobo

Mandy Stobo is a Calgary-based artist that has been in the professional world for a decade now. Stobo was born and raised in Calgary, with brief glimpses of the bigger world. Travel became one of the largest influences in Stobo’s work. Along with her son and the never-ending hunt for beauty, bravery and understanding in the world.

Stobo has a genuine need for play, and her constant thread throughout her work stems from this. Her joy for the process, color, flashy images, good mustaches, skateboards, Tom Robbins, Mary Poppins and the here-right-now allows her to explore her technique, her perception and her work to the farthest degree. Stobo will forever continue to discover new moments-wonderfully good and terribly bad-within her life and her life’s work.

She is extremely curious in achieving a balance of humor, tragedy and joy in her work. “Temporary Showroom”, a show scheduled for December of this year at Axis Contemporary Gallery, is approaching this balance and is the strongest of her work yet.

Stobo also has been keeping herself busy with The Bad Portrait Project- and international project to connect the viewer with the artist. She wanted to utilize social media and connectivity in a project and Bad Portraits came to life. She asks people to send her a picture of themselves and then she creates a poor rendering of them in watercolor. Such portraits are now seen in 9 countries and will be featured in the city of Calgary with the support of The City of Calgary Public Arts Program.

Films such as “Hiding”, “Love Me”, “Not Far from the Abattoir” (CIFF, SXSW, Cannes), “The Wire”, “Angels Crest” (Tribeca, CIFF, TIFF) , CBC’s “Comedy Extraordinaire” and “Diary od a Haunting” have commissioned Stobo’s work for their projects. Each project broadens Stobo’s work in many ways.

Royce Chwin

Royce Chwin is the CMO of Travel Alberta. His responsibilities include 12 markets worldwide, and he acted as lead team member in the development of Travel Alberta’s award-winning Remember to Breathe destination brand.

Previously, Chwin was a member of the Canadian Tourism Commission, where he was part of the brand experiences team starting in 2008. As executive director, global brand integration, he managed all aspects of brand development and execution, including asset creation, campaign creative strategy, social media engagement, and brand strategy. He was also a part of a dynamic team that leveraged the Canada Keep Exploring brand for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Prior to his experience with the Canadian Tourism Commission, Chwin spent 20 years in the retail and hospitality industries in management and leadership positions. He worked with organizations including Starbucks, Blockbuster Video Canada, and Boston Pizza International.

Gisele Danis

Gisèle is a born and raised Calgarian. She’s one of five children who were raised in a fluently bilingual household, easily switching back and forth from English to French.

A torch bearer for Calgary’s 1988 Olympic Winter Games and former “Young Canadian of the Calgary Stampede” performing across Canada, Gisèle has always loved and naturally promoted her city.

Graduating from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in broadcast journalism school,Gisèle spent years as a television reporter and news anchor with the CBC, including CBC Newsworld, CBC Calgary and Edmonton.

Mickey Mouse quickly took her away though from the city where she spent the next eight years in public relations, international marketing & communications and sponsorship alliance marketing with the Walt Disney Company.

Her combined journalism and marketing career have provided her with the opportunity to live and work across Canada. While working for Parks Canada, Gisèle had the opportunity to be based in one of Canada’s most beautiful national parks (Jasper National Park). Gisèle has traveled extensively around the world to speak and promote her city, province and country.

Today, as the vice president of marketing and communications for Tourism Calgary, Gisèle is responsible for leading a dynamic and talented team who constantly surprises, inspires and compels world travellers to visit Calgary, in an effort to grow tourism revenue for our city.

Some of Gisèle’s career highlights include her time with the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) re-branding our country’s tourism identity globally. Her commitment and collaboration with our country’s tourism sector was recognized in 2010 when she was awarded “Top 25 Marketer” in the world, by HSMAI, Hospitality, Sales, and Management Association International. Since then she and the companies she has represented have been recognized for regional, national and international marketing excellence in the tourism sector, including recognition from for ‘best marketing campaign in the world’ and, most recently, during Calgary’s June floods Gisèle led a team who executed a post-flood recovery campaign to tell the world Calgary’s doors are open for business. The “Doors Open” video was the second most-popular YouTube video for July in Canada.

Gisèle has been on the board of directors of several companies and organizations, her current commitments include Alliance Francaise and Board Chair of Women in Leadership.

Gisèle gets tremendous joy spending time with her family, (especially her 6 nieces and nephews), community and supporting numerous non-profit and charitable organizations.

She is married to another passionate tourism storyteller. Royce Chwin, Chief Marketing Officer with Travel Alberta, (also a 2013 Fashion Calgary Ambassador), together the two are proud Canadians who love calling Calgary home!

Jordan Singer

Jordan, after graduating magna cum laude at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, joined the business in 2002. Mr. Singer be­gan his career in fashion in the late 1990’s with internship positions in New York with Giorgio Armani and Ermenegildo Zegna. From 1997 to 2002, Jordan worked in London England with Hugo Boss UK in a number of different roles, eventually taking on the challenge of leading wholesale operations for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, prior to retuning to Canada to join Henry Singer Fashion Group. Mr. Singer returned to the company as a buyer in 2002, taking on the role of Fashion Director in 2004, leading to his eventual appointment to President of Henry Singer Fashion Group in 2007. Jordan, an active member of YPO, carries on the legacy of our commitment to community through his leadership with United Way amongst other charities he supports. In his capacity as President, Mr. Singer is responsible for the overall governance of our business vision, brand positioning, strategy and fashion direction.

Leonard Bastien – Leonard Weasel Traveller

Married to Audrey and together have 4 beautiful daughters and 5 wonderful grandchildren

Former Head Chief and Minor Chief (Band Councillor) for a couple decades for the Piikani Nation

Former Chairman for the Alberta Chiefs Summit Process

Sessional Faculty and Presenter, Aboriginal Leadership Program, Banff School of Management

Elder Advisory Committee member, Human Services, Alberta Government

Elder Advisor and aboriginal Support for Mount Royal University of Calgary, Alberta

Elder Advisor and aboriginal support for Calgary Board of Education

Provided Cross/Cultural Education for the United States of America’s Administration’s support programs of their Native American Tribes (2003, 2007)

Elder Advisor and support for Treaty 7 Management Corporation

Traditional Elder and support for Blackfoot Confederacy (Blackfoot Tribes of Southern Alberta, and the Blackfeet Tribe of Montana, U.S.A.)

Former Instructor and sessional teacher for Blackfeet Community College, Browning, Montana, U.S.A.

Consultant for Region 3, Calgary and Area, Child and Family Services, Calgary, Alberta for the past 12 years

Madison Boxa

Madison was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is thankful to have grown up in city where she can embrace her diversity and take pride in her multi-cultural heritage. With her commanding stage presence, creativity and charisma there is no way anyone can deny her talent.

Believing from a very young age that music was the career she was going to pursue and determined to make her dream a reality Madison has spent years priming her vocal, stage and song-writing skills. It became apparent at a very young age that Madison had a gift and was a natural born performer.

Madison has been performing since she was four years old, first in a choir group and at nine years old began to perform as a solo artist and continues to perform and captivate her audience with her strong, soulful voice. Madison embodies the drive, talent and inspiration that is bound for success and is an all around artist and knows the importance of individuality, confidence and connecting with her audience. Madison began writing her own material at the age of 11 and has an intuitive feel for telling a story through expressive lyrics and soulful melodies and continues to spend much of her time writing and developing her skills. Madison is well on her way and is dedicated, focused and determined to reach her goal of becoming a successful, multi faceted international recording artist.

Allistair Elliott

Allistair Elliott was born just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland. Excelling at the classical side of the trumpet, he performed in London, England and also Vienna, Austria by the age of seventeen. Elliott moved to England where he received his music degree from Leeds College of Music, the same school that produced the recent Grammy nominee, Corrine Bailey Rae.
His performing credits include The Drifters, The Temptations, R&B legend, Lou Pride, England’s jazz giant, John Dankworth, and The Supremes, just to name a few. He has opened for sax great, Joshua Redman, toured with the internationally renowned Decidedly Jazz Danceworks and shared the stage with Saturday Night Lives’ Lenny Pickett, and rock legends, Honeymoon Suite. He has toured Europe, Australia and Brazil and now resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Over the course of his extensive career, Allistair has been involved performing with or recording for Tim Tamishiro, Livin’ In Swing, Steve Pineo, Amos Garrett, The Prime Time Big Band, The Big Beat Band, and The Barry Shaw Orchestra, as well as fronting his own group. He has also recorded numerous tv and radio jingles and this summer was featured on the opening credits of ESPN’s 2010 World Cup Theme. Allistair’s writing credits include the movie, Friend of the Family, where he also appeared in the film performing two original tunes.
In 2008 Allistair released his second cd titled, Urban Nights. Released on Chronograph Records, Urban Nights feels like Miles Davis, meets Chris Botti with vocals by Sting. Urban Nights brought three nominations at the 2008 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards. Allistair was nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year as well as Wind Instrumentalist of the Year. The Male Vocalist Category was heavily contested between Allistair Elliott, Alfie Zappacosta, Chris Smith and Michael Buble. The Instrumentalist category featured Allistair Elliott, Warren Hill, Darren Rahn and Alexander Zonjic. After performing live at the televised award show in March 2008, Allistair was presented with the award for Wind Instrumentalist of the Year.

Currently, Allistair is in the studio working on his third CD, which will be released very soon.

Jan Hudec

Jan was born in Sumperk, Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia) in 1981. After leaving in 1982, his family arrived in Germany, where they spent 4 and a half years, until finally arriving in Canada in 1986. While living in Germany, Jan attended kindergarten, and started both tennis and skiing. Every weekend his parents would pack into the car and drive to Austria to ski. (Not a bad place to get a skiing foundation)

Jan’s mother, (Vladi) was a cross country skier and father (Jan sr.) was a downhiller, so it is obvious which genes fell where. Eventually Vladi had to convert to keep up with our lifestyle. After watching his father race the “masters” series in those days and skiing around with the juniors that he coached, Jan found himself knowing that he would be a ski racer.

Arriving in Canada in ’86, there were expectation of huge mountains and forests, only to find the family moving to Red Deer, Alberta for Jan Sr. to pursue a coaching position with the local club. As it turns out, the hill was great, and at 5 years of age everything was big! It turned out to be a wonderful place and the family met some of their best friends there. In 1989, Jan’s wish came true and he was surprised with a baby brother! Another surprise cam as Jan was able to name his younger brother, Phil. Of course with skiing in the family blood, Phil became a great skier as well. He does Free-ride, big air, slope style, big mountain, and his specialty Skiercross. Not liking the spandex a racer would have to wear, he grew his hair long and put on twin tips. Phil is very talented and to this date still scares older brother Jan when doing his thing.

In ’93 the whole family became members at “Word of Life Church” in Red Deer. The same year both of Jan’s parents received offers to work in Banff at the Mountain Ski Academy, which was an amazing opportunity for them but especially for Jan and Phil. Jan spent ten years in Banff, developing as a racer and as a student. The school allowed the students to travel more and train on flexible schedules. And a lot of what Jan has accomplished has been thanks to those years and opportunities in the Bow Valley.

In 2002, Jan moved to Calgary to pursue his Dryland training. Although his heart is still in the mountains, Calgary is truly the best city in Canada. Jan’s parents and brother still live in the Bow Valley.

Richard Waller

Richard Waller has 21 years of experience in the energy industry, primarily in the area of product supply and services. Richard has been President of Foothills Industrial Products since 2007, a leading provider of components and systems to the natural gas industry for measurement and control purposes to midstream, transmission and gas distribution companies. He is currently involved with the Canadian Gas Association as a member of the Standing Committee on Operations, and a member of the Operations Suppliers Executive Committee.
Richard has also been active as a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), and will assume the role of President of the Calgary Chapter for the 2013/14 year. Currently he is also a member of the West Island College Business Institute Advisory Panel.
In the community, Richard, has been involved in a number of not-for-profit and fundraising initiatives. Richard was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Calgary Zoological Society from 2003-10 during which time he acted as Chair of the Calgary Zoo Foundation (2008/09) and co-chair of Tusks & Tails Gala (2009/10). Richard was also co-chair of the Foothills Country Auction (2004 & 2005) in support of the Foothills Hospital. Currently Richard is a member of the board of directors of the Bow Valley Quickies ski club.
Richard is married (Jane McCaig) with two children Emma and Anthony.

Kalsey Kulyk

On July 23rd, 1990 the Kalsey Kulyk story was born in a northern Saskatchewan town of 1,500. At about four years of age, it was
discovered that Kalsey never wanted to do anything but sing. Seeing her talent, Kalsey’s family encourage her to perform in talent shows, singing competitions and on television. Early music influences included; Shania Twain, Allison Krause, The Dixie Chicks, and other female country artists, driving her to find a path of her own as a writer, singer and performer.

In 2008, dreams of a career in music and entertainment came to a sudden halt with her diagnosis of Hodgekins Lymphoma. With love and
support from her family, intense medical treatment, her zest for life, and passion for music led to complete remission and a renewed clarity of spirit. From that point on, it was full speed ahead, plunging her into singing, song writing and studio sessions. Kalsey was found working and collaborating with top musicians, producers, and recording in Nashville, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Fleetwood Mac’s co producer Richard Dashut took Kalsey under his wing to work one on one to help fine tune her writing and performing skills, as well as studio etiquette and music production techniques.

Finally ready to let it all out, and fully armed with hundreds of songs crafted over the years, Kalsey dug deep to find the perfect production team. Looking in her own back yard to find a studio, engineer and producer that were firm believers in her songs, talent and abilities. Her producer, Lanny Williamson, a handful of the fiercest players in this part of the country and Sam Daniels, Kalsey’s guitar player and friend from Las Vegas, teamed up to help put Kalsey on the map. The result of this collaboration is a hot new country album of original songs recorded at western Canada’s top recording studio The BEACH. Great songs, compelling performances and award winning production, make Kalsey Kulyk debut CD a “must be heard” experience, because “the warmth of the musical fire she imparts cannot be bought or sold but is freely given to those who allow it to enter their heart and their soul”.

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