24 Jan 2015


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Every year, in January, I see lots of question marks when it comes to Valentine’s Day..Then I wonder why this day is so special?
For me, love should be cherished, shared and expressed all year round – not only one day – but even if you do so-why not to celebrate love in a special way?
February 14th is approaching – and I thought I would feature couple of liquors as a great way to celebrate the “love” :-)

Over four centuries of Port making has given the house of Croft time to consider this wonderfully exciting rose style of Port – the first of its kind to enter into the market and still the quality reference.

This innovative new style of port has been made by a new technique which extracts fresh, fruity flavours and delivers a subtle and delicate pink colour. The result is wonderfully fresh and vibrant, full of the rich flavours of Port but with a unique and distinctive appeal. Read more

20 Jan 2015

Jocelyn Alice’s last gig in Calgary – for now.

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Standing in front of the Ironwood Stage and Grill in the beautiful neighborhood Inglewood, I could see that the venue was packed. Banners outside the venue announce live music played by Jocelyn Alice tonight.

As I make my way through the crowd to find my seat (luckily, I had reserved a seat well in advance!), I look around and see the most diverse crowd I had ever seen in a concert. People of all ages, clothing preferences and styles were gathered together to say good bye to the great singer and songwriter Jocelyn, who has had great success in the past with commercial and film placements. One for Target, which earned her over 40,000 downloads, and was recently named in Metro as Top 3 “Under 30 Calgary to Watch” in 2015.  Read more

02 Jan 2015

FOOD HAS NEVER BEEN MORE FASHIONABLE- meet chef Rogelio Herrera&his Alloy Restaurant

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Hidden amongst industrial buildings in the South East of Calgary is one of the city’s gems, the Alloy restaurant. It looks innocent from the outside, but wait until you step in. If you haven’t experienced it yet, now is the time to have a sensational lunch or dinner at one of the two restaurants of Top chef Rogelio Herrera.
Surrounded by an extravagant wine rack, the restaurant is decorated with beautiful hanging lights, Aloe Vera plants and interesting paintings that draw you into a different world.
I had the pleasure of meeting Rogelio and chatting about his past, what brought him to Calgary and how he feels about a city that used to be an “oil and gas” city and is on its way to becoming a cultural hub. Read more

11 Dec 2014

PInk Outreach in support fighting Alopecia.

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Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that attacks hair growth. It can affect just the scalp, or the entire body including eyebrows and eyelashes. Anyone – men, woman and children can experience Alopecia. Majority of people with Alopecia will lose their hair within a very short time frame causing a devastating image change. Read more

06 Dec 2014


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Shopping for Christmas presents is always tough – especially if you have a big family & circle of friends.
If you know what your loved ones want – it is quite easy – but if you feel like you are out of creative thinking, then getting a nice bottle of fine spirit might be a great idea!
These top liquors will definitely upgrade their drinking habits this holiday season:-)

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05 Dec 2014

Exclusive interview with Dean Davidson by Ania Basak.

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05 Dec 2014

EllaBella Maternity Boutique featured by Fashion Calgary.

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29 Nov 2014


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We are clearly approaching cold season and especially in Alberta – we might need something extra warm!!

If you haven’t had a chance to hear about Icebreaker – you definitely should explore that brand!

Icebreaker is the New Zealand brand that pioneered in merino wool apparel for the outdoor industry.

The line includes underwear, mid layer and base layer garments, outerwear, socks and accessories for men, women and children. Read more

23 Nov 2014

“Traceable”- Exclusive interview with Leonardo Bonanni

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A documentary made to encourage us to think about where our clothes come from.

November 22nd – The premiere of Canadian made documentary, Traceable, was shown last night at the Mardaloop Justice Film Festival, and despite a title that doesn’t exactly ring “fashion”, this short film centres around the clothing industry.

The term traceability means to be able to track exactly where a product comes from, who made it and when — something very few consumers ever consider. It is this very disconnection that inspired young Canadian designer, Laura Siegel, to enter the fashion industry and start a new way of working with suppliers and distributers. Read more

19 Nov 2014


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How the luxury retail market is blurring the line between short films and advertisements.

Hate them for their pretentious and unattainable extravagance. Love them for their remarkable branding strategies. High fashion advertising is here to stay. In fact, it appears this industry’s unique style of branding is only getting more popular and powerful.

Most people don’t have an opinion of the ads they see, because they’re too busy trying to avoid them. That’s fair. But what happens when a brand has the budget to produce an ad so powerful it makes you feel and believe it’s a short film?

The reality is very few marketing departments can afford to do this. However, brands like Burberry, Chanel, Doir, Louis Vuitton – the list goes on – do. Read more